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What is Skiathos Video Project?

Skiathos Video Project is an initiative of Skyframe Greece (Skiathos Origin) and Local Businesses of Skiathos that share the same vision and perspective for improving Skiathos’ promotion across the globe. The purpose of this project is to create a Video Library shot in UltraHD 4K that will include everything about Skiathos Island including what a visitor can do or experience while staying on the island. This is the first time that a project this big takes place in terms of cooperation and coordination but also in terms of targeted material completeness . If you love Skiathos Island and want to support/donate to this project please contact us.

The Biggest Production ever

The biggest production ever with high tech professional equipment for filming and editing. A project that will go on for at least 2 years.

300+ Hours of Video

More than 300 hours of video footage will be captured to complete the Skiathos Video Project. This adds up to approximately 15000 GB of Digital files that will be edited for creating the project.

20+ Video Categories

20+ Video Categories will include every angle and location of Skiathos Island. Everything will be on these video series captured by ground, air and sea!

Millions of Views

A huge international campaign will be created resulting in hundreds of thousands views on the dedicated websites and social media like Facebook & Instagram.

Dedicated Websites

Dedicated Websites for viewing the full video library in categories sorting by interest, location and other criteria viewers select.

Ultra HD 4K Quality

All Video Footage will be captured in Ultra HD 4K Quality to retain every bit of detail and to secure future compliance of the videos and displays.